In a recent display of solidarity, actress Kate Beckinsale expressed her gratitude towards pop star Britney Spears for defending her against ageist comments. Beckinsale took to her Instagram Story to thank Spears, referring to her as the “warrior queen of all queens,” and acknowledging her support with a series of heart and flower emojis. The
OR Media, a British production company known for its extensive work with the Saudi state broadcaster, BBC, and the acclaimed docu-feature Path of Blood, has recently been embroiled in financial troubles. Reports indicate that the company has laid off 14% of its workforce and has failed to pay freelancers, leaving many owed hundreds of thousands
Recently, country star Miranda Lambert took to Instagram to prove that her marriage with husband Brendan McLoughlin is still going strong. This comes after a video surfaced showing Brendan dancing with multiple women in Miranda’s own Nashville bar, Casa Rosa. Fans were quick to speculate about the state of their relationship, with many expressing concern
Studiocanal, a Paris-based production-distribution house, is making a significant move by launching an office in New York City. This expansion is a strategic decision aimed at increasing collaboration with American distribution partners. This new office will be overseen by Anne Chérel, who has been promoted to the role of Chief Commercial Officer. The decision to
Tucker Carlson made a striking return to Fox News during his speech at the Republican National Convention. The former bow tie-wearing conservative opened his remarks with an unexpected tone, praising the convention and expressing his positive experience at the event. This change in demeanor was surprising to many, as Carlson has been known for his
The reboot of the 1996 film “Twisters,” co-written by Michael Crichton, has had an impressive start at the box office. With around $7 million in preview sales from Wednesday night’s fan Imax/PLF showtimes and Thursday previews starting at 5 p.m., the movie is generating significant buzz. Initial forecasts predicted a $50 million opening, but with