Over Memorial Day weekend, the Hamptons were abuzz with celebrity sightings and exclusive events. One of the highlights of the weekend was 50 Cent’s performance at Surf Lodge in Montauk. The rapper entertained a chic crowd that included guests like Millie Bobby Brown, Liev Schreiber, and Brooks Nader. His bubbly brand, Le Chemin du Roi,
The infamous Fyre Festival organizer, Billy McFarland, was recently spotted at Donald Trump’s rally in the Bronx. This unexpected appearance raised eyebrows, especially considering McFarland’s history of fraud and legal troubles. It is concerning to see someone with such a tainted reputation associating himself with a divisive political figure like Trump. Accompanying Billy McFarland at
Following Michael Cohen’s testimony in the hush money trial against Donald Trump, he found himself in an unexpected situation. After sharing details about stealing $60,000 from Trump, Cohen headed to the Loews Regency for dinner. Coincidentally, he was seated near David Pecker, the longtime publisher of the National Enquirer – a key player in the
Former Long Island Congressman George Santos has made headlines with his surprising confession about how he met his husband, Matheus “Matt” Gerard. The revelation that the couple met on the gay dating app Grindr due to a glitch that falsely indicated their proximity has captured the attention of many. This disclosure sheds light on the
Michael Cohen, former fixer for Donald Trump, found himself facing some loyal Trump fans while hitting the luxurious members club Casa Cipriani over the weekend. According to a Trump-loving spy, some members of the club were very uncomfortable with Cohen’s presence as he is not considered a welcomed individual in their circle. In fact, our