The new thriller series ‘Influence’ from A+E Media Group and Raw takes a deep dive into the life of a ‘Dadfluencer’ named Andrew Cosgrove. This character, reminiscent of Don Draper from Mad Men, has curated a picture-perfect existence for his family, turning them into a global brand. However, when tragedy strikes and his daughter is
One of the major talking points arising from the recent Cannes Film Festival screening of Francis Ford Coppola’s ambitious project, Megalopolis, revolves around the feasibility of replicating the film’s intriguing ‘fourth wall moment’. In this groundbreaking scene, a performer enters the stage in front of the cinema screen and interacts with Adam Driver’s character, effectively
Highland Film Group is taking the initiative to kickstart international sales on the action-packed film Alarum, featuring Hollywood heavyweights Sylvester Stallone, Scott Eastwood, and Willa Fitzgerald. The film, helmed by director Michael Polish and penned by Alexander Vesha, has recently wrapped up principal photography. In addition to the star-studded cast, names like Mike Colter, Isis