3Point0 Labs Launches Talent and Literary Advisory Division

3Point0 Labs Launches Talent and Literary Advisory Division

3Point0 Labs, a talent management agency founded by former CAA agent and manager Marquel Martin, is making waves in the entertainment industry with the launch of a new talent and literary advisory division. This division has been established through a partnership with the renowned producer Anakle Films, known for its work on the popular Netflix film, The Black Book.

Founded in 2022 by Marquel Martin after his departure from CAA, 3Point0 Labs has quickly gained recognition for its work with prominent figures such as UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Martin’s success in placing Ngannou in major film projects, such as Fast & Furious 9, has set a high standard for the agency’s future endeavors.

Anakle Films, led by founder Editi Effiong and co-founder Mimi Bartels, has made a significant impact in the industry with its production of The Black Book. This action thriller became a global sensation and solidified Anakle Films as a major player in storytelling. Effiong’s directorial debut showcased the talent and creativity that the company is capable of delivering.

Collaboration Goals

The partnership between 3Point0 Labs and Anakle Films aims to provide comprehensive management and branding services for clients in the film and TV industry. By combining their expertise and resources, both parties seek to elevate African stories and amplify the voices of African storytellers on a global platform.

Excitement for the Future

Andrew Cutrow, Manager and Chief Business Officer of 3Point0 Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Anakle Films, emphasizing the shared vision of pushing boundaries and achieving new milestones in storytelling. Effiong and Bartels echoed this sentiment, expressing their eagerness to embark on a journey that celebrates African narratives and showcases the rich cultural heritage of the continent.

Celebrating Success

Anakle Films’ success with The Black Book, which garnered international recognition and acclaim, serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to producing compelling and impactful content. The film’s ability to resonate with audiences across 69 countries highlights the universal appeal of authentic storytelling rooted in African experiences.

Expanding Horizons

Anakle Films’ commitment to telling Black and African stories has led to the establishment of offices in Toronto and Lagos, underscoring the company’s desire to deepen its presence in key markets. By investing in infrastructure and distribution channels in West Africa, Anakle Films is paving the way for greater accessibility and exposure for African cinema on a global scale.

The partnership between 3Point0 Labs and Anakle Films represents a significant step forward in the promotion and elevation of African storytelling in the entertainment industry. By joining forces and leveraging their respective strengths, both entities are poised to make a lasting impact and create memorable experiences for audiences worldwide.


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