A New Adaptation: City on Fire

A New Adaptation: City on Fire

Sony’s 3000 Pictures has made a bold move by setting Justin Kuritzkes to adapt the first novel in Don Winslow’s bestselling trilogy, City on Fire. This adaptation is set to be a star vehicle for Austin Butler, with Kuritzkes fresh off the success of Challengers. The project is being produced by David Heyman of Heyday Films, Shane Salerno, and The Story Factory.

The Storyline

City on Fire is the first installment in Winslow’s trilogy, which is a modern retelling of classic tales like the Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid, and Greek tragic dramas. Set in the world of contemporary crime, the novel follows the story of a clash between two criminal empires – one Irish and the other Italian – vying for control of New England. The narrative takes a turn when a modern-day Helen of Troy emerges, sparking a brutal war that forces the main character, Danny Ryan, to evolve from a street soldier into a formidable leader.

Elizabeth Gabler and Marisa Paiva from 3000 Pictures are overseeing the project, with Drew Reed playing a significant role in tracking the book series. Kuritzkes, known for his adaptation of Guadagnino’s work, brings a fresh perspective to the project. Butler, portraying the protagonist, Danny Ryan, will navigate the treacherous world portrayed in Winslow’s novels.

With the final installment, City in Ruins, already making waves on the bestseller lists, the anticipation for the film adaptation is high. Winslow, who views the trilogy as his final literary endeavor, leaves a legacy that will continue through various series and film adaptations in the works. Kuritzkes, represented by CAA and Ziffren Brittenham, is set to embark on the challenging task of bringing Winslow’s intricate world to life on screen.

Through the collaboration of talented individuals and the intriguing source material, City on Fire promises to be a riveting cinematic experience that delves into the complexities of power, loyalty, and the relentless pursuit of dominance in the world of organized crime.


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