Analysis of Big Beach Acquiring TV Rights to “Worry”

Analysis of Big Beach Acquiring TV Rights to “Worry”

Big Beach, a renowned production company, has recently acquired the television rights to Alexandra Tanner’s debut novel, “Worry.” The novel revolves around the lives of two sisters sharing an apartment in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. Lesley Arfin, co-creator of the popular Netflix series “Love,” has been enlisted to write the pilot episode alongside Tanner. The novel has been described as a blend of existentialism and sisterhood, reminiscent of a “Seinfeldian” narrative.

“Worry” follows the lives of twenty-eight-year-old Jules Gold and her younger sister Poppy. Jules, an anxious and artistically frustrated individual, finds herself living with Poppy after the latter’s suicide attempt. Poppy, struggling to find meaning and work in Brooklyn, brings along a rescue dog named Amy Klobuchar. As the story unfolds, the sisters navigate through personal challenges, family dynamics, and existential crises, leading to a reflection on their future and relationship.

The novel delves into various themes such as competition, identity, and the search for meaning. Jules and Poppy’s complex dynamic reflects the struggles of modern young adults grappling with adulthood, relationships, and personal growth. The dysfunctional family portrayed in the narrative adds layers of depth and complexity to the storyline, resonating with audiences on a profound level.

The television adaptation of “Worry” will be overseen by Big Beach executives Tim Foley and Michael B. Clark. Zoe Levine will serve as the creative executive for the project. Big Beach, known for its indie film productions, has a track record of delivering compelling storytelling and character-driven narratives. With a strong team in place, the adaptation is poised to capture the essence of the novel and bring its unique voice to a wider audience.

Alexandra Tanner expressed excitement about bringing Jules and Poppy’s dynamic to a new audience through the television series. She highlighted the collaborative process with the Big Beach team as a rewarding experience, shaping the narrative into an episodic format. Tanner’s unique voice and storytelling style are expected to shine through in the adaptation, offering viewers a glimpse into the world of “Worry” through a new lens.

The acquisition of TV rights to “Worry” by Big Beach marks an exciting development in the realm of literary adaptations. With a talented team onboard and a captivating storyline at its core, the series has the potential to resonate with viewers and capture the essence of Tanner’s novel in a visually engaging format. As production progresses, audiences can look forward to experiencing the intricate world of “Worry” brought to life on screen.


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