Analysis of Cease and Desist Letter from Donald Trump’s Campaign

Analysis of Cease and Desist Letter from Donald Trump’s Campaign

Recently, it was reported that Donald Trump’s campaign has threatened legal action against the filmmakers behind the Cannes hit film, The Apprentice. This action was taken in response to the film seeking a distribution deal to get on screens in the United States. The team representing the former president has sent a cease and desist letter to the producers in an attempt to prevent the film from being seen by anyone in the States.

In the letter sent to the filmmakers, it was stated that the film presents itself as a factual biography of Mr. Trump, but it is claimed that this could not be further from the truth. The letter goes on to accuse the film of being a concoction of lies that repeatedly defames President Trump and constitutes direct foreign interference in America’s elections. The screenwriter, Gabriel Sherman, is also singled out in the letter for allegedly making disparaging statements against President Trump in 2018.

The three-page cease and desist letter concludes with a warning that if the producers do not immediately cease all distribution and marketing of the film, legal action will be pursued. The filmmakers were given until May 27, 2024, to respond with their agreement to comply with the demand. The letter also states that President Trump reserves all rights in this matter.

In response to the cease and desist letter, the producers of The Apprentice defended the film as a fair and balanced portrait of the former president. They expressed their desire for everyone to see the film and make their own judgments. This response suggested that the filmmakers were willing to stand by their work despite the threat of legal action.

While Donald Trump has a history of threatening legal action against critics and rivals, he has often failed to follow through with actual lawsuits. However, the situation with The Apprentice may be different, given the serious accusations in the cease and desist letter. It is important to note that a cease and desist letter is typically seen as a warning rather than a definitive legal action and may not hold much weight without a formal court filing.

Despite the controversy surrounding the film, The Apprentice has received critical praise, with reports of an 11-minute standing ovation after its premiere. The film delves into sordid situations from Trump’s time in the New York real estate arena, including a much-publicized sexual assault of his then-wife portrayed by Maria Bakalova. Critics have generally lauded the film’s portrayal of Trump’s rise to power under the tutelage of the ruthless Roy Cohn.

The cease and desist letter from Donald Trump’s campaign to the producers of The Apprentice represents a significant escalation in the ongoing battle over the film’s portrayal of the former president. While the threat of legal action looms large, the filmmakers have stood by their work and expressed their desire for audiences to make their own judgments. The outcome of this situation remains uncertain, but it is clear that the controversy surrounding The Apprentice has only heightened public interest in the film.


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