Analysis of the U.S. Release of The Apprentice

Analysis of the U.S. Release of The Apprentice

Bill Maher expressed disappointment and frustration on Real Time regarding the U.S. release of The Apprentice, a movie that portrays Donald Trump’s origin story under the influence of Roy Cohn. Despite being released in several countries around the world, the film has faced challenges finding a distributor in the United States. Maher criticized the reluctance of American distributors to touch the movie, stating, “This is MY industry, you f*cking p*ssies. Find a way to release this movie.”

The movie’s distribution deals have been secured in various international markets, but the U.S. deal has been elusive. Industry watchers initially expected a swift domestic pact following the film’s Cannes launch. However, threats of legal action from Trump’s team, particularly due to a controversial scene depicting Trump raping his former wife Ivana, have hindered progress. Additionally, a report of a disgruntled financier has further complicated negotiations for a U.S. distribution deal.

The discussion on Real Time also delved into Trump’s tactics of manipulation and leveraging power to achieve his objectives. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo highlighted Trump’s ability to intimidate and wield influence over various entities. Cuomo referenced the situation with Fox and the Dominion lawsuit, where Fox paid $800 million to the Dominion Voting company due to false statements made about the election. Trump’s loyal following and manipulation tactics were emphasized as tools he uses to maintain control and influence.

Former Congressman Adam Kinzinger contributed to the discussion by pointing out the weaponization of cancel culture by certain groups. He noted the shift from boycotting corporations that were deemed “overly woke” to actively using cancel culture as a tool for offense. Kinzinger highlighted the effectiveness of this strategy and its implications for companies and individuals who face backlash in today’s political landscape.

Overall, the analysis of the U.S. release of The Apprentice reveals the complex dynamics involved in securing a domestic distribution deal for a controversial film. The influence of political figures, legal threats, and the weaponization of cancel culture underscore the challenging environment in which entertainment industry decisions are made. As discussions and negotiations continue, the outcome of the film’s release in the United States remains uncertain.


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