Analysis: Riff Raff Entertainment Secures Funding With New TV Development Deal

Analysis: Riff Raff Entertainment Secures Funding With New TV Development Deal

Jude Law’s production company, Riff Raff Entertainment, has recently secured significant funding through a new TV development deal with Newen Connect, a French company. This partnership will provide Riff Raff with the financial support needed to develop a slate of TV projects and establish a distribution pipeline for their content.

The deal between Riff Raff and Newen Connect includes the development of three early-stage projects, one of which is a political thriller starring Jude Law himself. Additionally, the investment figure for this partnership has been described as significant, although the exact amount has not been disclosed. The funding for this collaboration is being underwritten by European studio-financier Anton, further solidifying the financial backing for Riff Raff’s projects.

Riff Raff Entertainment has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, with a multi-million dollar capital injection from Calculus Capital 18 months ago. This influx of funding has allowed the company to expand its team, bringing in industry veterans from companies like Ingenious Media and Studiocanal to help drive their development and production efforts.

Riff Raff already has several projects in the pipeline, including two starring Jude Law: the Justin Kurzel-directed film “The Order” and the Netflix series “Black Rabbit” co-produced with Jason Bateman’s Aggregate. Additionally, they have a rom-com written by Sharon Horgan, a historical drama penned by Justin Kuritzkes, and various TV series in development with talented writers and producers from shows like “Succession” and “Sex Education.”

Newen Connect, a subsidiary of TF1-owned Newen, has a strong presence in the European production landscape with over 50 production companies across 11 territories. Their catalog includes popular shows like “Dark Heart” and “Another End,” showcasing their expertise in developing and distributing high-quality content.

The partnership between Riff Raff Entertainment and Newen Connect reflects a growing trend in the industry, with Hollywood producers teaming up with European majors to leverage each other’s strengths and expand their reach in the global market. This collaboration follows similar moves, such as Mediawan’s acquisition of Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company, signaling a shift towards more international partnerships in the entertainment industry.

The partnership between Riff Raff Entertainment and Newen Connect marks a significant milestone for both companies, as they join forces to create innovative and diverse TV projects for audiences around the world. With a strong financial backing and a talented team in place, Riff Raff is poised to make a lasting impact on the television landscape with their upcoming projects and future collaborations.


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