Annette Hess to Receive Deadline German TV Disruptor Award at Seriencamp

Annette Hess to Receive Deadline German TV Disruptor Award at Seriencamp

Annette Hess, the talented German screenwriter, is set to receive the prestigious Deadline German TV Disruptor Award at the upcoming Seriencamp event. Known for her remarkable work on popular drama series such as Weisensee, the Ku’damm series, and The Interpreter of Silence, based on her own novel Deutsches Haus, Hess has truly made a mark in the industry. Fans of the Ku’damm series can look forward to the new installment, Ku’damm 77, which is currently in the writing phase and expected to be in production by early 2026.

In addition to her creative endeavors, Hess is an outspoken advocate for change within the industry. Embracing the title of a disruptor, she has been a driving force behind efforts to elevate the roles of writers and screenwriters in the world of film and television. Furthermore, she continues to be a staunch supporter of better representation for women in the entertainment business. Her dedication to pushing boundaries and challenging norms makes her a deserving recipient of the German TV Disruptor Award.

The Seriencamp event will also feature new streamer additions to its lineup, with Amazon’s Petra Henge offering a glimpse into what Prime Video has in store for viewers. The program will include presentations from local streaming platforms ZDFneo and Joyn, showcasing a diverse range of content. Attendees can also look forward to exclusive previews of upcoming projects from Netflix, BBC, ZDF, and other major players in the industry.

In addition to the exciting lineup of presentations, Seriencamp will delve into important themes such as queer representation in drama. Sessions like (Lost) Queerness In Series will explore how queer stories can break into the mainstream of television. The Screenwriters’ Lounge will offer a deep dive into the development of queer narratives, featuring insights from industry professionals like Kai Kreuser, Marlene Melchior, Alejandro Mathé, and Marcel-Jana Urban. These discussions are crucial in driving meaningful change and promoting diversity in storytelling.

Seriencamp is scheduled to take place from June 5 through 8, providing a platform for industry professionals, creatives, and fans to come together and celebrate the world of television. With a lineup that promises to inspire, inform, and entertain, the event is not to be missed. Join Annette Hess and other visionaries as they shape the future of TV and usher in a new era of storytelling.


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