Boozy Behavior at “Cabaret” Causes Drama on Broadway

Boozy Behavior at “Cabaret” Causes Drama on Broadway

The Broadway show “Cabaret” has been making headlines recently, not just for its stellar performances, but for the rowdy behavior of some of its attendees. Before the show even begins, guests are offered free shots of schnapps and given drink vouchers. This sets the stage for an evening of imbibing, as champagne and cocktails are served during the performance. However, the combination of alcohol and live theater seems to be leading to some less than desirable behavior from certain audience members.

Reports of drunk and disruptive theatergoers have been circulating online, with some attendees sharing unpleasant experiences. From drunken outbursts to repeated trips to the restroom, it seems that some guests are having a hard time keeping their composure during the show. One Reddit user described an incident where they had to confront a rowdy couple who were talking, singing, and burping loudly during the performance. When asked to quiet down, the intoxicated woman responded with profanity and gestures.

In another instance, a drunk woman in the front row nearly got kicked out for loudly blowing kisses at one of the actors on stage. After receiving a warning from security during intermission, she appeared confused and sleepy for the rest of the performance. When confronted by another audience member, a shouting match ensued, further adding to the disruption of the show. Despite the best efforts of security to monitor the situation, some guests were still unable to control their behavior.

Cell Phone Distractions and Audience Etiquette

In addition to the alcohol-fueled antics, complaints have also been raised about cell phones going off during the performance. One audience member even joked about legendary actress Patti Lupone’s infamous phone snatching incident, suggesting the need for similar intervention. While some patrons have taken a lighthearted approach, equating the distractions to the atmosphere of Weimar-era Germany, where cell phones would surely be ringing off the hook and everyone would be inebriated.

The Impact on the Theatrical Experience

Despite the unfortunate behavior of a few attendees, the general consensus is that “Cabaret” is a fantastic show that is worth seeing. Most audience members are willing to overlook the drunken disturbances in order to enjoy the production. However, the reports of disruptive behavior serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining decorum and respect for the performers and fellow audience members.

The combination of alcohol and live theater can sometimes lead to undesirable behavior from certain patrons. While the majority of attendees at “Cabaret” are able to enjoy the show responsibly, there have been instances of drunken disruptions that have impacted the theatrical experience for others. It is essential for all audience members to exercise restraint and consideration when attending live performances in order to ensure that everyone can fully appreciate the artistry on stage.


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