Breaking Down Amazon MGM Studios’ Latest Film: My Old Ass

Breaking Down Amazon MGM Studios’ Latest Film: My Old Ass

Amazon MGM Studios is gearing up to release their latest film, My Old Ass, a Sundance pick-up film with a budget of $15 million. Directed and written by Megan Park, the film features a talented cast including Maisy Stella, Aubrey Plaza, Maddie Ziegler, Percy Hynes White, and Kerrice Brooks. My Old Ass tells the story of Elliott, a bright and irreverent young woman facing her older self during a transformative mushroom trip before heading off to college.

The encounter between Elliott and her older self sets off a journey of self-discovery and first love, providing audiences with a mix of humor and heartfelt moments. Positioned as counterprogramming to the typical summer blockbuster fare, My Old Ass is set to hit theaters on Aug. 2 alongside other anticipated releases such as Sony’s Harold and the Purple Crayon and Warner Bros.’ M. Night Shyamalan movie Trap. The film was well-received at Sundance, scoring an impressive 89% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Produced by LuckyChap and Indian Paintbrush, My Old Ass has strong industry backing from the likes of Tom Ackerley, Margot Robbie, Josey McNamara, and Steven Rales. With notable executive producers such as Dan Bekerman, Bronte Payne, and Megan Park herself, the film promises to deliver a unique and engaging cinematic experience. This project follows the success of the collaboration between LuckyChap and Amazon MGM on Saltburn, which achieved significant global success and secured a spot in Prime Video’s top 10 worldwide film debuts.

Saltburn’s impact was felt not only at the box office but also in the music industry, as it propelled the 2001 hit song “Murder on the Dance Floor” back onto the charts. The film’s success underscored LuckyChap and Amazon MGM’s ability to resonate with audiences and deliver memorable entertainment experiences. With Saltburn setting the stage for My Old Ass, audiences can expect another compelling and successful release from this powerhouse collaboration.

Amazon MGM Studios’ My Old Ass is poised to make a splash in the film industry, offering a fresh and engaging take on self-discovery and young love. With a talented cast, experienced production team, and a track record of success, this film is set to captivate audiences and secure its place among the top releases of the year.

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