Broadway’s Spring Roster: A Closer Look at the Box Office Rankings

Broadway’s Spring Roster: A Closer Look at the Box Office Rankings

As Broadway’s spring season progresses, we see a clear divide among the new shows in terms of box office performance. The strongest of the newcomers are holding steady, with repeat sell-outs such as An Enemy of the People, Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club, and Hell’s Kitchen maintaining their draws. Shows like The Outsiders and Stereophonic are also inching their way onto the sell-out turf, with impressive box office numbers. The Outsiders saw a substantial increase of $129,650 from the previous week, reaching a total of $1,023,827. Stereophonic jumped $92,392 to $683,911, demonstrating their staying power in the competitive Broadway landscape.

While not reaching sell-out status, a second batch of newcomers are proving to be strong performers at the box office. Appropriate saw an increase of over $43,000, reaching $702,686 and filling 91% of its seats. Mary Jane and Mother Play maintained steady attendance around 97% of capacity. Shows like Suffs, The Great Gatsby, and The Wiz posted impressive box office jumps of over $100,000, settling comfortably in the 91% to 95% capacity range. Illinoise, despite filling 94% of its seats, saw a decrease in receipts due to a canceled performance following a tragic event.

Among the shows filling 80% to 90% of capacity, The Who’s Tommy and Lempicka stood out with noticeable box office jumps. The Who’s Tommy, nominated for Best Musical Revival, saw an increase of $80,674, reaching $991,028 and filling 85% of its available seats. Lempicka, which announced an early closing notice, showed a significant increase of $144,424, reaching $419,472. However, with an average ticket price deemed unsustainable, Lempicka faced challenges despite its growing popularity.

The Broadway productions, both new and established, collectively grossed $35,727,377 for the week, marking a 3% increase over the previous week and a significant 14% increase from the same time last year. Total attendance reached 286,841, representing about 91% of capacity. Season to date, Broadway has grossed $1,502,896,749, down approximately 3% from last year, with total attendance remaining steady at 11,995,066. Despite fluctuations in individual show performances, Broadway continues to be a thriving industry.

Broadway’s spring roster offers a diverse array of shows with varying degrees of success at the box office. While some productions are able to maintain sell-out status and draw in large audiences, others face challenges in sustaining their momentum. The overall upward trend in box office gross and attendance indicates a positive outlook for the Broadway community. Whether it’s a critically acclaimed revival or an exciting new production, Broadway continues to captivate audiences and showcase the best of live theater.

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