Calvin Harris Opens Up About His Relationship with Vick Hope at the Brit Awards

Calvin Harris Opens Up About His Relationship with Vick Hope at the Brit Awards

Calvin Harris, the popular DJ and producer, recently made a heartfelt comment about his new wife, Vick Hope, at the 2024 Brit Awards. After winning the award for Best Dance Act, Harris took the opportunity to express his gratitude to those who have supported him. He dedicated the award to Danny Rampling’s Love Groove Dance Party before acknowledging Ellie Goulding for her contribution to his hit track ‘Miracles’. Harris credited Goulding for her unbelievable work on the song, stating that he wouldn’t be on the stage that night without her. He also thanked an old friend who currently works with him before concluding his speech with a sweet message to his wife, Vick.

The relationship between Calvin Harris, 40, and British TV presenter Vick Hope, 34, has been kept relatively private since its inception. The couple spent quality time together in private at Harris’ 138-acre organic farm in Ibiza, known as Terra Masia. Despite having the option to tie the knot at the picturesque farm, Harris and Hope decided to get married in Northumberland, England. Reports suggest that Harris flew Hope out for secret visits to the farm and proposed to her under a grand tree on the property in 2022.

Calvin Harris was previously in a high-profile relationship with singer Taylor Swift between March 2015 and June 2016. The former couple collaborated on the hit song ‘This Is What You Came For,’ featuring Rihanna, during their time together. They made several public appearances on red carpets, but their relationship eventually came to an end. Following their breakup, there were hints of tension between the two, with Harris reportedly shading Swift in a tweet related to her feud with Katy Perry.

During his time on stage at the Brit Awards, Calvin Harris also took the opportunity to question the absence of a dance category in the event for the past decade or so. He expressed his confusion about the decision to eliminate the dance category despite it being one of the most significant genres in the UK. To make amends for this oversight, host Roman Kemp joined Harris in a comedic shot of “Harry Styles’ bath water.” Harris humorously remarked on enjoying the “bathwater” and even took the bottle from Kemp, showcasing his light-hearted nature.

Calvin Harris’ acknowledgment of his wife, Vick Hope, and his candid comments at the Brit Awards shed light on his personal life and musical journey. The couple’s low-key relationship and intimate moments at the Ibiza farm add a unique touch to their love story, while Harris’ past with Taylor Swift provides a glimpse into his romantic history. Overall, Harris’ presence at the Brit Awards offered a mix of gratitude, humor, and reflection, showcasing his multifaceted personality both on and off stage.


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