Catching Up: French Remake of “The Baker and the Beauty”

Catching Up: French Remake of “The Baker and the Beauty”

A fresh take on the Israeli romcom drama series “The Baker and the Beauty” is set to hit the screens in France, as TF1 gears up to shoot the adaptation with French singer-songwriter Amir Haddad in the lead role. The series, which first received an ABC remake in the United States, will see Haddad portray Benjamin Mercier, a baker who crosses paths with the glamorous model Louise Meyer, played by Ludmilla von Claer.

“The Baker and the Beauty” follows the story of Benjamin Mercier, a humble baker, and Louise Meyer, a jet-setting model. The two characters come from completely different worlds, with Benjamin dedicated to his family bakery and Louise immersed in the world of fashion and luxury. Their unexpected encounter in a restaurant restroom sets off a chain of events that will turn Benjamin’s life upside down.

Amir Haddad, known for his participation in “The Voice” and representing France in the Eurovision Song Contest, takes on his first major TV role as Benjamin Mercier in the French adaptation. The series will be directed by Hervé Mimran, with a team of talented writers including Caroline Franc, Marion Michau, Jane Rioufol, Léa Lando, and Ichem Saïbi. Banijay France’s Marathon Studio and Terence Films are the production companies behind the project.

Originally airing on Israel’s Channel 12 for three successful seasons, “The Baker and the Beauty” garnered positive reviews from both critics and audiences. Despite its cancellation after one season in the US, the show has been remade in several countries including Russia, the Netherlands, and India, showcasing its universal appeal. Distributor Keshet International (KI) has licensed the original Israeli series to Amazon through a global deal and will distribute the French adaptation internationally.

As “The Baker and the Beauty” continues to find its way onto screens around the world, the French remake adds a new layer of storytelling to this beloved series. With its charming premise and cross-cultural themes, the show’s ability to resonate with viewers globally is a testament to the universal appeal of love, family, and unexpected connections.


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