Catherine Zeta-Jones and Her Welsh Heritage

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Her Welsh Heritage

Catherine Zeta-Jones, the renowned actress, takes immense pride in her Welsh nationality and has always made sure to instill a sense of connection to their Welsh heritage in her children. Recently, she shared a heartwarming throwback picture of her kids, Carys and Dylan, celebrating St David’s Day in Bermuda when they were little. The image showcased Dylan in a red rugby shirt with “Wales Cymru” written on it, and a daffodil, while Carys was dressed in a traditional Welsh outfit with a red dress, white lace, and a black hat.

Despite Dylan and Carys being all grown up now, Catherine continues to find ways to embrace their Welsh roots. While she can no longer dress them up in ‘Welsh Wear’, she did not miss the opportunity to dress up her adorable dog, Taylor, in Welsh-themed attire, showcasing their pride for their heritage.

Familial Bonds and Charitable Work

Aside from their cultural background, the Zeta-Jones family shares a strong bond that is evident in their travels and support for each other’s endeavors. Dylan, a recent graduate from Brown University, has been involved in raising awareness for dyslexia, showcasing a commitment to important causes. On the other hand, Carys is following her brother’s footsteps in higher education, studying International Relations and Film Studies at Brown. She has also been actively working to raise awareness about climate change’s impact on food systems.

Throughout their journey, Catherine Zeta-Jones has expressed her gratitude for the support and closeness she shares with her children. She considers herself blessed to have such a tight-knit relationship with Dylan and Carys, who have not only been supportive of her career as an actor but have also been there for her on a personal level. Their family dynamic reflects a sense of togetherness and a shared commitment to making a positive impact on the world around them.


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