Celebrating 20 Years of Lure Fishbar: A Night to Remember

Celebrating 20 Years of Lure Fishbar: A Night to Remember

Lure Fishbar recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a lavish and star-studded bash. The event was described as “a reunion of the OGs” by one attendee, bringing together a crowd of seafood enthusiasts, yacht lovers, and nightlife aficionados. The celebration lasted for five hours and featured nonstop dancing, caviar bumps, an open bar, and nostalgic tales from the past.

Notable Guests and Atmosphere

The atmosphere was lively as over 300 guests mingled and reminisced about the “good ol’ days” at Mercer and Prince streets. The restaurant’s owner, John McDonald, and Chef Preston Clark played gracious hosts, welcoming guests like Maye Musk, Ann Dexter Jones, Candace Bushnell, and Dan Abrams. The party buzzed with excitement as caviar bumps were handed out and classic tunes by Prince, Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson filled the room.

McDonald emphasized the significance of Lure Fishbar as a hub of memories over the past two decades. He highlighted the restaurant’s role in creating unforgettable experiences akin to a “Friday night in NYC, every night at Lure.” The night wouldn’t have been complete without the presence of McDonald’s nightlife partners like Taylor Swift, Chris Rock, and LeBron James, who have frequented the establishment over the years.

The celebration also saw a slew of notable personalities in attendance, including Patrick McMullan, Michelle Hicks, Steven Sebring, and Victoria Brito. After the festivities at Lure Fishbar concluded, the party continued at nearby bars The Mulberry and Temple, where guests kept the celebrations going into the early hours of the morning.

Overall, the 20th-anniversary celebration of Lure Fishbar was a testament to the restaurant’s enduring legacy in New York City’s culinary and nightlife scene. With a guest list that read like a Who’s Who of the city’s elite, the event captured the essence of camaraderie, nostalgia, and elegance that have defined Lure Fishbar for the past two decades. Here’s to another 20 years of fantastic seafood, unforgettable nights, and cherished memories at this iconic establishment.


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