Celebrating 25 Years: Can’t Hardly Wait Musical Announced

Celebrating 25 Years: Can’t Hardly Wait Musical Announced

The 1998 graduating class of Huntington Hillside High School is coming together for their 25th reunion in an exciting and unique way – through a musical! Deborah Kaplan, the co-writer and director of the cult classic teen movie “Can’t Hardly Wait,” has announced that a stage musical adaptation of the film is in the works. The movie originally starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, Seth Green, and Charlie Korsmo.

The upcoming musical will be titled “Can’t Hardly Wait: The Musical,” and Kaplan shared the title art on Instagram. She expressed her excitement for the project, stating that she is looking forward to seeing it come to life. The musical will follow a group of high school seniors on the eve of their graduation as they navigate the uncertainties of the future at a classmate’s house party.

Production Team

“Can’t Hardly Wait: The Musical” will be directed by Kate Sullivan and written by Sinead Daly, with arrangements and orchestrations by Jesse Vargas. The production is being produced by Michael Barra and Allison Bressi of Lively McCabe Entertainment, along with Natalia Nastaskin and Ramon Villa of Primary Wave Music.

The musical will feature iconic hits from the late ’90s and early 2000s, sourced from the Primary Wave and Sony Music Publishing Catalogs. Barra, the CEO of Lively McCabe, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to adapt such an iconic property for the theater audience. Nastaskin, the Chief Content Officer of Primary Wave Music, highlighted the relatable and heartwarming nature of the teen rom-com narrative in “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

The Original Film

The 1998 romantic comedy followed the story of six high school seniors at their grad night house party, with Preston Meyers planning to confess his feelings to his long-time crush. The movie featured a star-studded ensemble of young Hollywood actors from that era, including Selma Blair, Jason Segel, Melissa Joan Hart, Jerry O’Connell, and more.

The announcement of “Can’t Hardly Wait: The Musical” has generated excitement among fans of the original film and theater enthusiasts alike. The adaptation promises to bring the beloved story to life on stage in a new and entertaining way. With a talented production team and a soundtrack filled with nostalgic hits, this musical is sure to captivate audiences and carry on the legacy of the iconic teen movie.


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