Celebrity Romance Still Under Wraps

Celebrity Romance Still Under Wraps

Huma Abedin and her boyfriend, Alex Soros, have been keeping their romance out of the public eye despite being spotted together in Paris on Valentine’s Day. While Abedin attended the opening night of “The Wiz” on Broadway, Soros was notably absent from the event. Although sources insist that they are still together, the couple seems to prefer privacy when it comes to their relationship.

Maintaining Secrecy

After Abedin posted a photo of herself and Soros on Instagram during their romantic getaway in Paris, many were surprised by the public display of affection. High society insiders were asked to keep the relationship quiet, indicating that the couple prefers to keep their personal lives under wraps. Despite this, a source reveals that they are still seeing each other.

Socializing Solo

While Abedin continues to attend social events, she often does so without her billionaire boyfriend by her side. Recently, she celebrated a friend’s book launch at L’Avenue at Saks Fifth Avenue and donned a green outfit for the return of “The Wiz” to Broadway. Abedin seems to be comfortable navigating the social scene on her own, even if her relationship remains a bit mysterious.

At the Broadway event, attendees were encouraged to dress according to the theme of the night – either in green for Emerald City or yellow for the yellow brick road. VIPs like Tamron Hall and Stephanie Mills embraced the theme, while original cast members of “The Wiz” added a touch of nostalgia to the evening. Despite the colorful attire, the focus remained on the performance, with Lewis receiving a standing ovation for her rendition of “Home.”

After the show, guests gathered at the Hard Rock Café for an afterparty, where the couple’s absence was once again noticeable. It appears that Abedin and Soros are intent on maintaining a low profile, choosing to keep their romance private despite occasional public appearances. Only time will tell if they are ready to step into the spotlight as a couple.


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