Chace Crawford’s Uncomfortable Octopus Scene: Behind the Scenes

Chace Crawford’s Uncomfortable Octopus Scene: Behind the Scenes

Chace Crawford, best known for his role in Gossip Girl, had quite the surprise when he joined the cast of The Boys. The actor admitted that he would have had second thoughts about joining the show if he had known about his character The Deep’s sexual relationship with an octopus named Ambrosius.

Crawford opened up about his initial reaction to the intimate scenes involving the sea creature. He recalled feeling unsure about how it would all come together, especially when he had to film a sex scene with the octopus in a season 3 episode. The actor confessed that he was in total denial about the scene at first, but with the help of showrunner Eric Kripke, he was able to overcome his anxiety and go through with it.

Kripke’s involvement in making Crawford feel more comfortable during the scenes is evident. The actor revealed that the show has an intimacy coordinator for regular sex scenes, but the octopus scenes required a different approach. Despite the challenges, Crawford praised Kripke for his support and guidance throughout the process.

Surprisingly, Crawford shared that the unconventional storyline involving the octopus was well-received by fans. He mentioned a fan he encountered at the gym who even showed him a photo of himself dressed as The Deep with a pink octopus at an event. The actor acknowledged that while he does receive some teasing for the scenes, overall, the response has been positive.

The Casting Choice

In a quirky turn of events, Tilda Swinton was chosen to voice the octopus character, Ambrosius. Kripke revealed that they specifically wanted a distinguished British actress for the role, and Swinton fit the bill perfectly. Despite initially considering other actresses like Dame Judi Dench, Swinton brought a unique and unexpected flair to the character.

Chace Crawford’s experience with the unconventional octopus scenes on The Boys sheds light on the challenges and rewards of tackling unique storylines in television. The actor’s candid revelations about his initial discomfort and eventual acceptance of the scenes provide a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of the popular Prime Video series. Despite the initial doubts, Crawford’s portrayal of The Deep’s relationship with Ambrosius has become a memorable and beloved aspect of the show.


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