Channing Tatum on the Ambitious MIB 23 Crossover

Channing Tatum on the Ambitious MIB 23 Crossover

In a surprising turn of events, Channing Tatum has revealed his hopes for a crossover between the iconic franchises, 21 Jump Street and Men in Black. The potential movie, titled MIB 23, was said to have the best script Tatum has ever read for a third installment. Despite facing obstacles, he remains determined to see the ambitious project come to fruition.

21 Jump Street originated from the 1987-1991 Fox series, following the story of two young-looking cops who go undercover in a high school. Tatum, alongside Jonah Hill, starred in the movie adaptation and its sequel, with cameos from original series stars. The idea for MIB 23 was born from a script by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the minds behind the Jump Street movies.

Although the concept of combining the two franchises seemed promising, Tatum explained that the project faced setbacks due to bureaucratic challenges and other obstacles in the production process. Despite the difficulties, Tatum remains positive and determined to see the project through, expressing his enthusiasm to reprise his role alongside Jonah Hill.

As the fans eagerly await any updates on the potential crossover, Tatum remains hopeful and determined to make MIB 23 a reality. With his unwavering commitment and enthusiasm for the project, there is still a glimmer of hope that audiences may one day witness the fusion of these two beloved franchises on the big screen.

Channing Tatum’s ambitious dream of a crossover between 21 Jump Street and Men in Black may seem far-fetched, but his determination and passion for the project are undeniable. Despite the challenges and setbacks faced along the way, Tatum remains steadfast in his belief that MIB 23 could be a groundbreaking and entertaining cinematic experience for audiences worldwide.


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