Cher’s Love Life: From Elvis Presley to Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards

Cher’s Love Life: From Elvis Presley to Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards

At 77, Cher’s colorful romantic history includes a surprising snippet involving none other than Elvis Presley. The legendary songstress recently shared on The Jennifer Hudson Show that she had the opportunity to go on a date with the King of Rock and Roll, but turned it down due to nerves about his formidable reputation. Cher explained that she was hesitant to pursue a potential romance with one of the biggest music stars of all time due to her shyness around men and concerns about the people surrounding Elvis.

Cher’s Preference for Younger Men

Despite her age, Cher continues to find joy in her relationships, particularly with her current partner, 38-year-old record executive Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards. The star humorously shared that she prefers dating younger men, attributing it to a generational shift in attitudes towards strong, independent women. Cher jokes about her past experiences with men her age or older, stating that they were either too scared to approach her or now deceased. This preference for younger partners has been evident in Cher’s history of relationships, including her romance with Rob Camilletti, who was 22 when they met and famously dubbed the ‘Bagel Boy’ due to his job in a bagel shop.

Cher and Alexander’s relationship has had its share of ups and downs, including a reported split in May 2023 before reconciling in September of the same year. The couple first met at Paris Fashion Week in 2022 and have been seen hand-in-hand, dispelling earlier rumors of an engagement. Despite initial concerns from fans about Alexander’s past infidelity, Cher confidently expresses her love for him, emphasizing that she is not blinded by it. She openly shares her affection for Alexander, highlighting qualities such as his kindness, intelligence, and sense of humor.

Throughout her romantic history, Cher has displayed a mix of shyness, humor, and unwavering confidence. Her decision to turn down a date with Elvis Presley due to nerves demonstrates her cautious approach to relationships. Despite facing criticism and skepticism about her relationship with Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, Cher remains steadfast in her love for him, emphasizing that she is not blinded by it. Her candid, spirited take on life and love continues to captivate audiences, showcasing her enduring talent and wisdom in matters of the heart.


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