Controversy Surrounding the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Controversy Surrounding the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest has been marred by controversy with the disqualification of the Dutch artist, Joost Klein. The European Broadcasting Union made the decision to not allow him to compete in the Grand Final of the competition in Malmo, Sweden. This came after an allegation of intimidation was made against Klein by a female member of the production crew. Dutch broadcaster Avrtotros expressed shock at the decision, calling it disproportionate. Klein is currently under investigation by Swedish police for an altercation with a photographer.

Israel’s Participation

Another issue plaguing the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is the protests surrounding Israel’s participation. While the Israeli entry, Eden Golan, made it through the semi-finals and is a top contender to win, there have been protests outside the venue attracting thousands of people. The protesters are demonstrating against Israel’s inclusion in the multi-national event, adding another layer of controversy to an already tumultuous competition.

The disqualification of Joost Klein and the protests against Israel’s participation have brought additional challenges to the Eurovision Song Contest. With tensions running high and issues surrounding the artists, the event has faced criticism and scrutiny from various angles. The controversy has overshadowed the music and performances, shifting the focus to the external factors impacting the competition.

The recent events surrounding the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest raise questions about the future of the competition. Will there be stricter regulations in place for artists? How will political tensions affect the selection process for future events? The controversies faced this year may lead to changes in how the Eurovision Song Contest is organized and how artists are vetted to participate.

The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest has been marked by controversy and challenges. From the disqualification of Joost Klein to the protests against Israel’s participation, the event has faced criticism and scrutiny. As the competition progresses, it will be interesting to see how these issues are addressed and what impact they will have on the future of Eurovision.


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