Corsican Mafia: A Daughter’s Perspective

Corsican Mafia: A Daughter’s Perspective

As Lesia, a 15-year-old girl, navigates the dangerous world of the Corsican Mafia, she grapples with the harsh reality of her father’s involvement in criminal activities. She questions why anyone would want to kill her, showing her innocence in the face of the brutal truth. Her father, Pierre-Paul, tries to shield her from the harsh realities of their lifestyle, emphasizing the need for power and money to survive in their world.

Set in the tumultuous ‘90s, the film portrays a time when Corsican crime families were engaged in bloody revenge killings as they fought to control their territories. The eruption of a car bomb aimed at the president signals the end of peace between the families, sparking a new wave of violence and retribution. Each murder must be answered with revenge, setting a tone of fear and uncertainty among the characters.

Lesia’s yearning for a normal family life is constantly thwarted by the dangerous world she inhabits with her father. Her hope for cooking meals together and attending school without interruptions remains a distant dream. The love between father and daughter is portrayed as a tragic tale of missed opportunities and unfulfilled desires, highlighting the sacrifices they must make to survive.

The director, Julien Colonna, draws on his own childhood memories to infuse authenticity into the film. By casting non-actors who speak the local dialect and understand the intricacies of Corsican culture, he brings a sense of realism to the story. The use of first-timers could have undermined the drama, but the actors rise to the occasion, delivering powerful performances that capture the essence of the narrative.

While the film is framed as a thriller, it transcends the genre to become an epic drama. The tension is sustained through Audrey Ismael’s haunting score and the complex web of relationships within the crime families. The constant influx of new characters and betrayals keeps the audience on edge, creating a narrative pace that never lets up.

Despite the grim subject matter, the film embraces the beauty of the Corsican countryside. The picturesque landscapes provide a stark contrast to the violence and turmoil that plague the characters’ lives. Colonna’s decision to highlight the natural beauty of the island adds depth and complexity to the story, showcasing the contradictions that define Corsica.

“Corsican Mafia: A Daughter’s Perspective” offers a poignant exploration of family, loyalty, and sacrifice in the face of criminality. Lesia’s unwavering love for her father, despite the risks and dangers they face, underscores the enduring bond between parent and child. As the story unfolds, it transforms into a classical tragedy, highlighting the inevitability of fate and the toll that a life of crime takes on those involved.


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