Critical Analysis of Recent International Box Office Figures

Critical Analysis of Recent International Box Office Figures

Upon analyzing the recent international box office figures, it is evident that John Krasinski’s film, “IF,” despite receiving unfavorable critical scores, is benefitting from positive word of mouth. The film’s overseas release expanded to 56 markets, accumulating a total of $20M internationally. Coupled with the domestic debut of $35M, the film has now grossed $59M worldwide. The surge in box office numbers can be attributed to the favorable responses from viewers despite initial skepticism from critics.

In contrast, 20th Century Studios/Disney’s “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” continues to dominate the international box office, raking in $40.6M in its second week across 52 markets. The film’s global earnings stand at an impressive $237.5M, with an offshore total of $136.3M. Comparing its performance to previous installments in the franchise, “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” has shown remarkable staying power, outperforming its predecessors in key markets such as Brazil, the UK, and Germany.

Meanwhile, Columbia Pictures/Alcon Entertainment’s “The Garfield Movie” and Universal’s “The Fall Guy” are also holding strong in the international market. “The Garfield Movie” secured $10.3M in its third week across 27 markets, with a cumulative total of $49M. On the other hand, “The Fall Guy” grossed $7.2M from 81 markets, bolstering its overseas cume to $64.6M. Both films are performing consistently well and are anticipated to attract more audiences in the coming weeks.

Top Performing Markets and IMAX Success

China remains a lucrative market for international films, with “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” earning $20.4M to date. Following closely behind are France ($13.8M), Mexico ($12M), the UK ($10M), and Korea ($5.8M). Additionally, the films’ success in IMAX format is worth noting, with a global total of $21.8M. The immersive experience offered by IMAX is undoubtedly contributing to the films’ box office performance and appeal to viewers.

Overall, the recent international box office figures paint a promising picture for the films discussed. John Krasinski’s “IF,” despite critical reception, is benefitting from positive reviews and word of mouth. “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” continues to dominate the global market, showcasing exceptional staying power and surpassing expectations. “The Garfield Movie” and “The Fall Guy” are holding strong, with consistent performance and anticipation for future releases. With strong showings in key markets and success in IMAX, these films are poised for continued box office success in the weeks ahead.

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