Critique of Filipino Crime Drama Series Sellblock

Critique of Filipino Crime Drama Series Sellblock

Sellblock is an upcoming Filipino crime drama series that has recently wrapped principal photography and is set to debut at MIPTV. The show is described as a three-season series that follows the operations of a prominent drug empire located within a maximum-security prison in the Philippines. Directed by Pedring Lopez, known for his work on Netflix’s Maria, Darkroom, and Geisha of Death, Sellblock is a highly anticipated project set to make waves in the industry.

The series boasts a talented cast including popular Filipino actor Jericho Rosales, alongside other well-known actors such as Empoy Marquez, Ronnie Lazaro, Mon Confiado, Sylvia Sanchez, Ria Atayde, and Jaclyn Jose. With such a strong ensemble, Sellblock promises to deliver captivating performances and engaging storytelling.

The production team, led by Manilla-based BlackOps Studios Asia and co-showrunner Rex Lopez, is dedicated to creating a high-quality series that will appeal to audiences worldwide. Director Pedring Lopez’s unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that Sellblock will stand out as one of the most ambitious projects to come out of the Philippines.

LA’s Blue Fox Entertainment has taken on the task of handling sales for Sellblock, including distribution in the Philippines. The pilot episode of the series will be screened for buyers at MIPTV, marking a significant step in the show’s journey to international audiences. With the support of Blue Fox Entertainment, Sellblock is poised to make a splash in the TV industry.

It is worth noting that Filipino producer ABS-CBN was initially involved in the series but is no longer attached. This development raises questions about the reasons behind their departure and how it may impact the overall production and reception of Sellblock.

Sellblock has garnered praise from the industry, with key players expressing excitement about the series. Actor Jericho Rosales described the show as more than just a series but an immersive experience that will keep audiences captivated. Co-showrunner Rex Lopez highlighted the dedication of the team in creating a series with top-tier production values and a gripping storyline.

Los Angeles-based producer Scott M. Rosenfelt commended the collaborative effort behind Sellblock and expressed confidence in the series leaving a lasting impression on viewers worldwide. With such positive feedback from those involved in the project, Sellblock appears to be on track to be a successful and impactful series in the crime drama genre.

Sellblock is a promising addition to the Filipino crime drama landscape, with a stellar cast, experienced production team, and strong industry support. As the series prepares to make its debut at MIPTV, all eyes will be on Sellblock to see if it lives up to the hype and delivers on its promise of captivating storytelling and high-quality production values.


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