Critiquing Kevin O’Leary’s Defense of Donald Trump

Critiquing Kevin O’Leary’s Defense of Donald Trump

Jon Stewart’s return to The Daily Show after a brief break generated quite a buzz, especially when he took aim at Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary. The Comedy Central host didn’t hold back in criticizing the Canadian businessman for his controversial comments regarding Donald Trump’s NY civil fraud case.

Calling Out Hypocrisy

Stewart didn’t mince words when he mocked O’Leary for downplaying the severity of Trump’s legal issues. He pointed out the irony in O’Leary’s criticism of others for overvaluing their companies on Shark Tank, while showing indifference towards Trump allegedly overvaluing his assets. The clips from the ABC show showcased O’Leary’s harsh treatment of entrepreneurs who were accused of inflating their company’s worth, which Stewart cheekily responded to with, “Canadians are so vulgar.”

Stewart went on to explain the broader implications of Trump’s actions, highlighting how tax avoidance ultimately harms society as a whole. By evading taxes, Trump deprived the city of New York of much-needed revenue that could have been used for public services like building more stores. Stewart’s sarcasm was evident when he sarcastically suggested that the city could benefit from additional Walgreens stores, indicating how tax evasion affects everyone.

During an interview on CNN, O’Leary defended Trump by claiming that the alleged fraudulent activities were common among real estate developers worldwide and had never been prosecuted. Stewart’s scathing response to O’Leary’s justification was filled with sarcasm as he compared it to the concept of the movie “The Purge,” where crimes become legal if enough people commit them. Stewart’s frustration was palpable as he criticized O’Leary’s entitlement and arrogance in dismissing the seriousness of the charges against Trump.

Addressing the Double Standard

Stewart also pointed out the double standard at play when it comes to holding powerful individuals accountable for their actions. While the average American would face financial and legal consequences for similar misconduct, the wealthy and influential elites often escape unscathed. Stewart’s passionate condemnation of the investment community’s willingness to bend rules and sacrifice principles for profit showcased his disdain for such unethical behavior.

Jon Stewart’s critique of Kevin O’Leary’s defense of Donald Trump’s legal troubles offers a stark reminder of the importance of holding the powerful accountable for their actions. By highlighting the hypocrisy, the impact of tax avoidance, and the double standard in justice, Stewart effectively calls out the moral bankruptcy of those who prioritize profit over ethics. The Daily Show segment serves as a powerful commentary on the need for integrity and justice in society, especially in the face of rampant corruption and entitlement.


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