Deadpool & Wolverine Tracking Numbers Hit All-Time Highs

Deadpool & Wolverine Tracking Numbers Hit All-Time Highs

The latest tracking numbers for Disney/Marvel Studios’ Deadpool & Wolverine have just been released, and they are nothing short of extraordinary. The Quorum, a trusted source for monitoring box office trends six weeks in advance, is estimating a massive opening weekend of $200M-$239M for the highly anticipated film. What’s even more impressive is that this projection is considered conservative by industry experts.

If Deadpool & Wolverine manages to debut within this range, it will shatter existing records for R-rated movies. The current record holder for the highest R-rated opening is the original Deadpool, which raked in $132.4M back in February 2016. With the potential to surpass the $200M milestone, this sequel will not only surpass its predecessor but also mark a significant achievement in the genre.

One of the most promising aspects of the tracking numbers is the overwhelming interest from audiences. Despite being an R-rated film, Deadpool & Wolverine is generating immense excitement among viewers, especially male audiences. In fact, the anticipation for this film exceeds that of the highly successful Spider-Man: No Way Home, which holds the title for the second-best domestic opening of all time at $260.1M.

The projected success of Deadpool & Wolverine is further highlighted by its comparison to other blockbuster releases this summer. Not only is it poised to become the highest-grossing opening of the season, but it also outperforms other major releases like Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2. The film’s appeal extends beyond casual moviegoers, with a significant portion of viewers expressing a desire to watch it in premium formats, such as PLF.

In addition to its box office potential, Deadpool & Wolverine is dominating industry metrics for awareness and interest. The film’s buzz is unparalleled, with audiences showing a high level of engagement and excitement leading up to its release. With tracking numbers continuing to rise, there’s no telling how high the film’s box office numbers could climb.

Deadpool & Wolverine is not just a hotly anticipated sequel, but a potential game-changer in the world of R-rated blockbusters. With record-breaking projections and unprecedented audience reception, this film is primed to make a splash at the box office and cement its place in cinematic history.

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