Designer Nearly Falls Victim to Fake Vogue Scam

Designer Nearly Falls Victim to Fake Vogue Scam

An up-and-coming fashion designer recently found herself on the brink of falling victim to an elaborate scam involving a fake Vogue website. The designer, who has had the privilege of dressing celebrities and top influencers, received an email from what appeared to be “Vogue” regarding a supposed Netflix show that the prestigious fashion magazine was producing about emerging designers. The email, which was obtained by Page Six, boasted about a series titled “Vogue Business Netflix Series” and expressed an interest in featuring the designer’s brand in their upcoming episodes.

To further legitimize their scheme, the scammers behind the fake Vogue email had set up a sleek and professional-looking website called This website, which has since been taken down following inquiries from Page Six, successfully lured the designer in with promises of exposure on a Netflix show. However, red flags were raised when the website began soliciting money from the designer through platforms like Coinbase and PayPal.

As the designer obediently jumped through hoops, providing the scammers with an extensive amount of information about her brand and team, she was ultimately informed that she had been selected to participate in the faux show. Overjoyed by the prospect of having her brand featured on a prominent platform, the designer was devastated to discover that it was all an elaborate hoax. The scammers then attempted to deceive her even further by requesting a $200 membership fee to join “Vogue Brands” with promises of appearing in the iconic fashion magazine.

The scam email outlined the benefits of membership, such as participation in Vogue projects, features in the magazine, industry alliances with other member brands, access to Vogue events, and marketing courses. However, the designer’s suspicions were further heightened when she was instructed to send money through PayPal to an individual with a personal Gmail account. After conducting some research, Page Six was unable to find any connection between the supposed recipient and actual Vogue personnel.

As the disappointed designer reflected on her experience, she couldn’t help but wonder what the scammers’ end game was. Was it simply to extract money from unsuspecting individuals under the guise of offering them an opportunity for exposure and success? The deceptive nature of this scheme serves as a cautionary tale for aspiring fashion professionals and highlights the importance of verifying the legitimacy of opportunities that come their way.

The fashion industry can be a cutthroat and competitive environment, making it a breeding ground for scams and fraudulent activities. It’s crucial for designers and creatives to exercise caution and skepticism, especially when presented with enticing opportunities that seem too good to be true. This incident with the fake Vogue scam serves as a reminder to always do thorough research, trust your instincts, and remain vigilant in order to avoid being a victim of deceitful schemes.


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