Ellie Warner Shares Heartwarming Photos of Baby Son Ezra

Ellie Warner Shares Heartwarming Photos of Baby Son Ezra

Gogglebox star Ellie Warner recently took to Instagram to share a series of previously unseen photos of her baby son Ezra, sparking a sweet fan reaction. The 33-year-old uploaded a carousel of snapshots to mark one year since welcoming a new pet cat into their home. Among the images were adorable pictures of little Ezra, whom she shares with her boyfriend Nat Eddleston.

In the photos, Ezra can be seen exploring the family kitchen in a baby walker, dressed in a Santa hat, and trying to bond with their pet cat. Nat is also pictured outside cradling his baby son while stroking the family’s beloved feline friend. It is evident that the family shares a special bond with both Ezra and their pet cat.

Ellie reminisced about the day Ezra entered their lives, describing how he arrived covered in fleas and tics, unneutered, and without a microchip. Despite his rough start, Ezra quickly became a beloved member of their family. Ellie expressed her joy in a heartfelt caption, revealing that Ezra had fulfilled her childhood wish for a cat, making him a dream come true.

Ellie and Nat welcomed Ezra in 2023, sharing their joy with the world through a heart-melting image of the newborn sleeping peacefully. While the couple has had many reasons to celebrate, they also faced challenges in 2022 when Nat suffered life-threatening injuries from a car accident. Despite the ordeal, Nat made a miraculous recovery and is now embracing fatherhood with Ellie by his side.

Wedding bells may not be ringing yet for Ellie and Nat, but they have had lighthearted conversations about their future. In a playful exchange, Ellie mentioned a “shotgun wedding” to Nat, joking about getting pregnant before tying the knot. The couple’s banter shows a playful and loving dynamic that fans find endearing.

Ellie Warner’s recent Instagram post showcasing her baby son Ezra and their family’s furry friend has elicited a heartwarming response from fans. The photos capture special moments of exploration, bonding, and love between the family members. Despite facing challenges in the past, Ellie and Nat remain devoted to each other and to their adorable son. Their candid conversations about the future add a touch of humor to their story, making them relatable and engaging to their followers. Overall, Ellie’s post is a reminder of the joy and love that come with family, no matter the circumstances.


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