Emily Andre Shares Breast Pumping Tips from Her Luxurious Home

Emily Andre Shares Breast Pumping Tips from Her Luxurious Home

Emily Andre, the junior doctor and wife of Peter Andre, recently welcomed their daughter Arabella on 2 April. In a recent Instagram post, Emily shared a video showcasing the breast pumps she has been using since Arabella’s arrival. The video not only provides valuable information but also gives fans a sneak peek inside the couple’s lavish Surrey home.

As Emily demonstrates the use of the breast pumps in the video, viewers get a glimpse of the stunning interior décor of their family home. The living room features a chic grey-hued color palette, with stylish faux fur rugs and throws adding a touch of luxury. The hardwood doors and plush, light grey corner sofa create a cozy and wholesome ambiance in the family room.

In her caption, Emily mentions that she wants to start a series of items that have been essential for her since giving birth to Arabella. She emphasizes that this is not an advertisement but a way to share helpful tips with her followers. Emily also humorously shares a cautionary tale about accidentally melting one of the parts of the breast pump while sterilizing it in the microwave.

Emily’s husband, Peter Andre, showed his pride and support for her by commenting on the post with a sweet message. Despite the candid nature of the update, Emily looked radiant in a comfy playsuit with long sleeves. Her natural beauty shone through as she navigated the challenges of motherhood while maintaining her stylish appearance.

Emily Andre’s openness and willingness to share her experiences with her followers make her relatable and endearing. By providing insight into her daily routines and favorite products, she offers a glimpse into the life of a busy working mom. The combination of elegance and practicality in her home reflects her personality, making her an inspiration to many new mothers.


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