Exciting News for Downton Abbey Fans: A Final Movie in the Works

Exciting News for Downton Abbey Fans: A Final Movie in the Works

Recently, Imelda Staunton, known for her role as Lady Maud Bagshaw in the first two Downton Abbey films, revealed some exciting news for fans of the popular period drama. During an interview with BBC Radio 2, Staunton confirmed that a third Downton Abbey movie is in the works, describing it as the “final” chapter of the series.

Downton Abbey, created by Julian Fellowes, initially started as a television series on ITV in 2010. The show became a massive success, running for six seasons and captivating audiences worldwide. The transition to the big screen was seamless, with two movies already released and a third one on the horizon.

According to reports from The Sun, the upcoming movie is set to film at Highclere Castle over the summer with a planned premiere for next year. Additionally, there are speculations that Paul Giamatti, known for his role as Harold Levinson, might reprise his character in the new film. Giamatti previously appeared in the 2013 Christmas special, adding an exciting element for fans.

Despite the series concluding, Julian Fellowes revealed that the cast and crew have found it challenging to say goodbye to the beloved franchise. He expressed, “They say goodbye, everyone cries, and two years later we’re back at it.” This sentiment reflects the deep emotional connection that everyone involved in the production feels towards Downton Abbey.

As fans eagerly await the release of Downton Abbey: A New Era in 2022, news of a third movie adds to the excitement surrounding the franchise. The enduring popularity of Downton Abbey proves that its timeless appeal continues to resonate with audiences, both old and new.

The announcement of a final Downton Abbey movie is sure to delight fans who have followed the series from its inception. With the promise of new storylines, familiar faces, and the timeless charm of the English countryside, the upcoming film is bound to be a fitting conclusion to the beloved saga.


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