Expanding Horizons: Rachel Weisz and Polly Stokes Partner with Fremantle

Expanding Horizons: Rachel Weisz and Polly Stokes Partner with Fremantle

Rachel Weisz and Polly Stokes have taken a significant step forward in their careers by partnering with Fremantle through their indie production company, Astral Projection. This collaboration entails a first-look and development deal, which will see Fremantle as the exclusive home for Weisz and Stokes’ film and TV projects over the next three years.

Astral Projection gained recognition for co-producing Prime Video’s psychological thriller, Dead Ringers, in which Weisz played dual lead roles in an innovative reimagining of a David Cronenberg film. Weisz, a decorated actor with accolades such as an Academy Award and a Laurence Olivier, co-founded Astral Projection with Stokes out of a deep-rooted professional relationship. Their slate features a mix of films and TV projects, with Rebecca Servadio serving as Astral’s literary consultant.

Fremantle’s Growing Portfolio

For Fremantle, this partnership represents yet another high-profile development and first-look deal in their expanding portfolio. In addition to Astral Projection, Fremantle has secured agreements with notable industry figures such as Edward Berger, Angelina Jolie, Johan Renck, and Michael Parents. The company’s ongoing collaborations with renowned writers and directors, including Luca Guadagnino and Michael Winterbottom, highlight its commitment to fostering diverse and innovative storytelling.

Upon finalizing the deal, Weisz expressed excitement about the prospects with Fremantle, noting that Christian Vesper and Seb Shorr immediately stood out as ideal collaborators for Astral Projection. Stokes echoed this sentiment, stating that their goal is to tell stories that are both surprising and affirming, celebrating joy in unexpected and daring narratives. Vesper, representing Fremantle, lauded Weisz and Stokes for their impressive body of work in television and film, emphasizing the potential for a fruitful and exciting partnership moving forward.

The collaboration between Rachel Weisz, Polly Stokes, and Fremantle through Astral Projection marks a significant milestone in the entertainment industry. With a shared vision for innovative storytelling and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, this partnership is poised to deliver compelling and impactful projects in the coming years.


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