Exploring Feelings & Things: A New Path for a Nordic Noir Architect

Exploring Feelings & Things: A New Path for a Nordic Noir Architect

Piv Bernth, a key figure in the development of the Nordic Noir genre, is embarking on a new creative journey with her latest project, Feelings & Things. This comedy-drama, set in a shopping mall, marks a departure from the dark and brooding dramas for which Bernth is best known. Renowned for producing iconic Danish shows like The Killing and The Bridge, as well as greenlighting series such as Borgen and Ride Upon The Storm, Bernth has made a significant impact on the television landscape. Now, with her own production company, Apple Tree Productions, backed by ITV Studios, Bernth is ready to explore new storytelling territories.

Feelings & Things follows the lives of employees working in the shops of a shopping mall. The premise may seem light-hearted, but Bernth believes it has a universal appeal. As she explained in an interview with Deadline, the story revolves around the employees forming a group and seeking help from a psychologist, who happens to be less than ideal due to budget constraints. Drawing parallels to her previous work on Chorus Girls, Bernth highlights the theme of unity and strength in adversity. The collaboration with writers and directors Ditte Hansen and Louise Mieritz, known for their innovative comedy series and films, adds a unique perspective to the project.

Hansen and Mieritz, as a writer-director-actor duo, bring their signature style to Feelings & Things. Building on their previous collaboration with Apple Tree on Chorus Girls, the duo is set to infuse the project with their comedic sensibilities and talent. Bernth praises their dedication to creating nuanced stories about women in an industry that often overlooks their voices. With a solid treatment and series arc in place, Apple Tree is gearing up to bring this refreshing take on workplace dynamics to life.

As Hansen and Mieritz work on developing the scripts for Feelings & Things, Apple Tree is actively seeking coproduction partners to bring the series to fruition. With TV2 likely to be the domestic broadcaster, the international market presents a new set of opportunities for the project. ITV Studios’ sales arm is poised to take the series to a global audience, signaling a new chapter in Bernth’s creative journey. As she explores the realms of comedy and drama in a fresh setting, Bernth continues to push boundaries and redefine her creative legacy in the television landscape.


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