Exploring Pier Paolo Piccioli’s Latest Project in Film Production

Exploring Pier Paolo Piccioli’s Latest Project in Film Production

Pier Paolo Piccioli, renowned for his decades-long tenure as creative director at Valentino, recently delved back into film production to collaborate with Italian filmmaker Riccardo Vannuccini on the costumes for the indie UK-Italian co-production ‘Things And Other Things’. This project marked Piccioli’s final endeavor at Valentino before leaving the fashion house in March after over 20 years of creative leadership.

For ‘Things And Other Things’, Piccioli designed custom costumes for actress Greta Bellamacina, including a striking blue dress with a 6-meter train specifically crafted for the film. This collaboration underscores Piccioli’s versatile artistic abilities beyond the realm of fashion design, showcasing his flair for storytelling through costume creation in the context of cinema.

While ‘Things And Other Things’ is Piccioli’s latest venture in film production, it is not his first foray into the cinematic world. In 2019, he partnered with acclaimed filmmaker Luca Guadagnino for the short film ‘The Staggering Girl’, starring Julianne Moore, Kyle MacLachlan, and Mia Goth. This previous collaboration highlighted Piccioli’s talent in translating his couture vision onto the silver screen, underlining his multidisciplinary approach to creativity.

The Film Synopsis

‘Things And Other Things’ follows the characters of Irene (played by Bellamacina) and Rocco (portrayed by Vannuccini) as they navigate a post-industrial landscape in the plains of Tuscany. The film explores themes of freedom, imagination, and beauty against a backdrop of abandoned buildings, a deserted theme park, and other evocative locations. With a diverse cast and a visually captivating setting, ‘Things And Other Things’ promises to be a cinematic experience that challenges conventional storytelling norms.

Director Riccardo Vannuccini shared that the film is a continuation of his previous work and an exploration of the concept that “anything can happen”. He emphasized the idea of impossibility turning into possibility and the characters’ quest to leave traces of their existence in the world. Vannuccini paints a picture of the protagonists as romantic runaways, finding beauty in a world marked by industrial remnants and creating their own sense of aesthetic in the process.

Pier Paolo Piccioli’s collaboration with Riccardo Vannuccini on ‘Things And Other Things’ represents a bold step into the intersection of fashion and film. Through his meticulous costume designs and storytelling prowess, Piccioli adds a new dimension to his creative portfolio, showcasing his ability to transcend boundaries and explore diverse artistic mediums. As audiences anticipate the release of the film, it is evident that Piccioli’s impact stretches far beyond the confines of the fashion industry, solidifying his reputation as a visionary artist in the global creative landscape.


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