Exploring Shared Custody: A Disney+ Comedy-Drama Series

Exploring Shared Custody: A Disney+ Comedy-Drama Series

Shared Custody is a comedy-drama series set to debut on Disney+ in January 2025. The eight-episode series, directed by Javier Fesser, revolves around the lives of parents Cris and Diego who have recently separated. The storyline follows their journey as they navigate the challenges of co-parenting their five-year-old daughter while living with their respective parents.

The series features an ensemble cast including Lorena López, Ricard Farré, Adriana Ozores, Francesc Orella, and many more talented actors. Fesser, known for his work in films like Champions and Camino, brings his directorial expertise to the small screen with Shared Custody. The characters’ complexities and dynamics drew Fesser to the project, promising a blend of humor and heartfelt moments.

Produced by The Immigrant, the series marks the company’s first venture in Spain. The team behind Shared Custody includes writers Juanjo Moscardó Rius and María Mínguez, known for their work on A Shitty Therapy and Vivir dos Veces, respectively. The collaboration between Fesser, The Immigrant, and Disney+ promises a fresh take on the complexities of modern relationships and family dynamics.

Sofía Fábregas, Vice President of Original Production at Disney+ Spain, praises Fesser’s ability to infuse humor into unexpected situations while maintaining a sense of humanity and tenderness. The scripts for Shared Custody have been described as brilliant, offering a unique blend of comedy and drama that is sure to resonate with audiences.

The Future

This marks the beginning of an exciting journey for The Immigrant, with several projects in post-production and set to premiere in the coming years. The founders of The Immigrant, Camila Jiménez and Silvana Aguirre, express their enthusiasm for collaborating with Fesser and the Disney+ team on this groundbreaking series. As the landscape of television continues to evolve, Shared Custody stands out as a testament to the power of storytelling and the ability to create meaningful connections with viewers.

Shared Custody promises to be a compelling exploration of the complexities of modern relationships, co-parenting, and family dynamics. With a talented cast, experienced production team, and the backing of Disney+, the series is positioned to make a significant impact in the world of television. As viewers eagerly anticipate the premiere of Shared Custody, it is clear that the show will offer a fresh perspective on the joys and challenges of navigating life’s ups and downs with humor, heart, and authenticity.


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