Exploring the Exciting World of Salvable: A New Crime-Drama

Exploring the Exciting World of Salvable: A New Crime-Drama

Toby Kebbell, known for his roles in Servant, joins Shia LaBeouf from Fury and James Cosmo from Game of Thrones in the upcoming boxing-world crime-drama Salvable. This talented trio is set to bring their A-game to the screen, promising a captivating and intense performance that viewers won’t soon forget.

Former Boxing World Champion Carl Froch, along with being a 2023 International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, will be taking on the role of trainer for Kebbell and LaBeouf as they dive into their respective characters. The training will take place in New York to ensure authenticity and precision in their portrayals. Additionally, a documentary will be filmed to capture the actors’ journey as they prepare for their roles in Salvable.

Salvable follows the story of Sal “The Bull,” a once-promising boxer now facing a mid-life crisis. As he grapples with regrets and fading dreams, Sal’s chance at redemption presents itself through the world of illegal boxing, reintroduced to him by his old friend, Vince. The film delves into Sal’s internal struggle as he must choose between revitalizing his career or maintaining his relationship with his daughter, Molly.

Making their debut in the feature film world, UK-based music video directing duo Franklin & Marchetta, composed of Björn Franklin and Johnny Marchetta, will be at the helm of Salvable. Their unique vision and fresh perspective are sure to bring a new dimension to the crime-drama genre, setting the stage for a compelling and unconventional storyline.

Producers Jamie Gamache and Connor O’Hara of Lowkey Films, along with Julien Loeffler and James Kermack of Featuristic Films, are bringing Salvable to life. With casting by Aisling Knight of CBA Casting, the project is in the hands of seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering an exceptional cinematic experience. LaBeouf, with Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis in post-production, Kebbell’s recent appearances in Apple series For All Mankind and Servant, and Cosmo’s current work on BBC drama Nightsleeper, promise a star-studded and dynamic performance from the cast.

Salvable is poised to make a splash in the world of crime-drama with its compelling storyline, talented cast, and dedicated filmmaking team. With production set to begin in April, audiences can look forward to a gripping and emotionally resonant film that explores the complexities of redemption, sacrifice, and the pursuit of dreams in the tumultuous world of boxing.


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