Exploring the New Feature Film Magic Hour Directed by Katie Aselton

Exploring the New Feature Film Magic Hour Directed by Katie Aselton

Recently, Duplass Brothers Production completed shooting on the upcoming feature film Magic Hour, directed by Katie Aselton. The film stars Daveed Diggs, known for his roles in Blindspotting and Hamilton, alongside Aselton herself. The plot details and character descriptions for Magic Hour are being kept secret for now. The film is executive produced by Mark Duplass, Mel Eslyn, and Jay Duplass, with Emily Neumann serving as producer.

Katie Aselton’s Background

Katie Aselton is a versatile talent in the entertainment industry, with directing credits that include The Freebie, Black Rock, and more recently, Mack & Rita. In addition to her work behind the camera, Aselton has also appeared in various TV shows and films. She has been part of projects such as FX’s Legion, Apple TV+’s The Morning Show, Old Dads, The Unholy, and Bombshell, showcasing her range as both a director and actress. Aselton is represented by CAA and Untitled Entertainment.

Daveed Diggs’ Upcoming Projects

Daveed Diggs, on the other hand, has some exciting projects lined up. He will be starring in the indie film A Tree Fell in the Woods, written and directed by Nora Kirkpatrick, and filmed in Utah in 2023. Additionally, Diggs will be appearing in Andrew Stanton’s In The Blink of an Eye, alongside Kate McKinnon and Rashida Jones. On the TV front, he continues to portray the lead role of Andre Layton in Snowpiercer, following the show’s switch to AMC after being canceled by TNT. Diggs is best known for his Tony Award-winning performance in Hamilton and his work on Blindspotting with Rafael Casal.

Overall, Magic Hour promises to be an intriguing project with a talented team behind it. Aselton’s direction combined with Diggs’ acting chops is sure to make for a captivating on-screen experience. Fans of both artists will be eagerly anticipating the release of Magic Hour and the opportunity to see their creative collaboration unfold on the big screen.


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