Exploring the New Wave of Auteur-Driven Scandi Drama

Exploring the New Wave of Auteur-Driven Scandi Drama

In a recent interview, the creatives behind the sperm donor series All & Eva discussed how the show represents a shift towards a new wave of auteur-driven Scandi drama. Director Johanna Runevad and producer Sofie Palage highlighted the transformation in the Scandinavian television landscape, moving away from the dominance of crime shows and Nordic noir that characterized the region’s output a decade ago. They pointed to the success of recent Swedish dramedies like Love Me and Lust, indicating a growing appetite for diverse storytelling in the international audience.

According to Palage, the evolving preferences of viewers have created opportunities for directors in television, allowing them to bring their unique vision to the small screen. She mentioned that while crime shows still have their place, there is now room for a variety of genres to thrive. This shift towards auteur-driven content has been welcomed by Runevad, who believes that it opens new possibilities for creative storytelling in TV. She expressed her enthusiasm for the trend of letting auteurs craft their shows, moving away from formulaic programming towards more innovative narratives.

The series All & Eva, produced by Warner Bros. ITVP Sweden, exemplifies this trend towards auteur-driven storytelling. The show follows the journey of Eva, played by Tuva Novotny, as she embarks on a quest to find her sperm donor. The encounter with Mads, played by Joachim Fjelstrup, leads to unexpected twists and turns in Eva’s meticulously planned life. Drawing inspiration from acclaimed series like Fleabag, Runevad introduced a musical voiceover element to delve into the protagonist’s inner thoughts and feelings, adding a fresh dimension to the storytelling.

Exploring Societal Themes

While All & Eva delves into the little-discussed topic of sperm donation, Runevad emphasized that the series aims to explore broader themes through its unconventional narrative. She described the show as a “weird series” that challenges clichés about life and control, offering a unique perspective on human emotions and relationships. By infusing the storyline with elements of humor and drama, the creators aim to spark conversations and reflections on societal norms and personal choices.

A Cross-Border Love Story

One notable aspect of All & Eva is its setting in both Sweden and Denmark, mirroring the dual-language approach of popular series like The Bridge. Filmed in both languages with crews from both countries, the show highlights the cultural nuances and contrasts between the neighboring nations. Runevad envisioned All & Eva as a “weird love story” that celebrates the bond and rivalry between Sweden and Denmark, using the theme of sperm donation as a metaphor for deeper connections and differences. Palage emphasized the challenge of coordinating the diverse crew and cast, reflecting the cultural clash that unfolds on screen.

Overall, the success of All & Eva and similar auteur-driven Scandi dramas signals a new era in Scandinavian television, where creativity and originality take center stage. As audiences embrace diverse storytelling and bold narratives, the future looks bright for auteurs and filmmakers seeking to push the boundaries of traditional TV formats.


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