Exploring the Winners of SeriesFest 2021

Exploring the Winners of SeriesFest 2021

SeriesFest recently concluded its tenth iteration in Denver, bringing together numerous independent creators from around the world. The event showcased 45 pilots competing in various categories, highlighting the talent and creativity of emerging artists. The festival not only provides a platform for these creators to display their work but also awards recognition for outstanding projects.

Among the winners of the pilot competition were Shazia Javed’s “Potluck Ladies” and Jesse Toledano’s “Broken Toilets.” “Potluck Ladies” captured the drama awards, delving into the lives of Sumaira, Azra, and Ruby residing in “The Wives Condos” in Toronto. The pilot explores themes of loneliness, vulnerability, and support among immigrant women, creating a compelling narrative. On the other hand, “Broken Toilets,” a comedy pilot by Toledano, follows the story of Yossi Klein, a young Hassidic man with a passion for hip hop music. The pilot showcases the unlikely collaboration between Yossi and two aspiring hip hop artists, blending humor and heartwarming moments.

The audience award went to “Neo-Dome,” starring Anna Camp and created by Mark and Matt Pfeffer. This intriguing pilot combines elements of drama and mystery, captivating viewers with its ensemble cast and engaging storyline. Additionally, “The Boy Who Was Afraid of Everything” received the audience award for comedy, demonstrating the audience’s appreciation for unique and lighthearted content.

“Breakthrough,” a documentary series exploring identity crises and depression among athletes, clinched the unscripted award, shedding light on important mental health issues. The Haunting of Trisha Lozada won the Pitch-A-Thon, showcasing innovative storytelling and haunting narratives. Furthermore, the ensemble of “Neo-Dome” was recognized for the best performance, highlighting the talent and dedication of the cast in bringing the pilot to life.

SeriesFest CEO and Co-Founder, Randi Kleiner, emphasized the festival’s commitment to championing independent artists. Over the past ten seasons, SeriesFest has provided a platform for up-and-coming creators to amplify their voices and share their projects with industry professionals. The festival serves as a vital avenue for emerging talent to connect with industry executives, established actors, and creatives, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment for independent voices to thrive.

SeriesFest 2021 showcased a diverse range of pilots, documentaries, and performances, celebrating the creativity and talent of independent creators. The winners not only received recognition for their outstanding work but also highlighted the importance of storytelling and representation in the television industry. As SeriesFest continues to grow and evolve, it remains a cornerstone for emerging artists to make their mark and share their unique perspectives with the world.


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