Getting to Know the NCIS Cast Behind the Scenes

Getting to Know the NCIS Cast Behind the Scenes

As NCIS celebrates its 1,000th episode, Sean Murray, the longest-running cast member, gives fans a glimpse into the personalities of his co-stars. According to Sean, Gary Cole is the “life of the party” on set. He describes Gary as the most perfect performer and someone who truly deserves the recognition. This insight sheds light on the fun and vibrant dynamic that Gary brings to the cast and crew.

The Class Clown: Wilmer Valderrama

Another interesting tidbit shared by Sean Murray is about Wilmer Valderrama, who is labeled as the “biggest class clown” of the group. Sean mentions that Wilmer is a constant source of humor on set, providing a steady stream of hilarity for everyone to enjoy. This highlights the importance of having a comedic presence in the workplace, which can lighten the mood and create a positive atmosphere for all involved.

In a more comical anecdote, Sean recounts an incident involving Brian Dietzen, who is known as the most accident-prone member of the NCIS cast. Despite his mishaps, Sean praises Brian’s grace and professionalism, emphasizing his talent as a performer. This playful revelation showcases the camaraderie and lightheartedness that exist among the cast members, even in less-than-ideal situations.

Last but not least, Sean Murray shines a light on Katrina Law, who he describes as the “biggest mom or dad” of the group. As a dedicated mother herself, Katrina’s nurturing and caring nature extends beyond her own family to her colleagues on set. Sean commends her warmth and compassion, highlighting the importance of support and connection in a high-pressure work environment. This insight provides a glimpse into the personal lives of the cast members and the bonds that they share.

Sean Murray’s reflections on his NCIS co-stars offer a unique perspective on the dynamics and relationships behind the scenes of the long-running series. From the life of the party to the class clown, the most accident-prone to the biggest mom or dad, each cast member brings their own special qualities to the table. These anecdotes not only humanize these familiar faces but also showcase the camaraderie and teamwork that make NCIS a beloved and enduring show.


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