Hillary Clinton Joins Forces with Broadway for Biden Fundraiser

Hillary Clinton Joins Forces with Broadway for Biden Fundraiser

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently made headlines for her involvement in the new musical, “Suffs,” as a producer. However, it wasn’t just her role in the production that caught people’s attention. Clinton, alongside “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, hosted a fundraiser for President Biden during a preview performance of the play centered around suffragists. This event allowed Clinton to not only show her support for Biden but also engage with patrons in a personal and approachable manner.

Despite her busy schedule, Hillary Clinton has been actively participating in the production of “Suffs.” From attending the very first rehearsal to interacting with the cast behind the scenes, Clinton has been deeply involved in the creative process. According to an insider, Clinton’s enthusiasm for the project is evident as she walks into the room, exuding a sense of pride and joy. Her emotional reaction during a sitzprobe indicates her genuine investment in seeing the show come to life.

The musical “Suffs,” written by singer-songwriter Shaina Taub, showcases the journey of women in the suffragist movement as they fight for their right to vote. With Taub portraying activist Alice Paul and receiving high praise from Miranda as “the future of musical theater,” the production promises to make a significant impact on Broadway. Clinton’s immediate decision to join as a producer reflects her belief in the show’s potential to resonate with audiences and inspire change.

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton’s presence at the preview performance of “Suffs” highlights their shared appreciation for the arts. Bill Clinton, known for his charming demeanor, took the opportunity to compliment cast member Grace McLean on her portrayal of President Woodrow Wilson. This bipartisan support for creative endeavors like “Suffs” demonstrates a unity in recognizing the power of storytelling to convey important messages.

As “Suffs” continues its previews, anticipation is building for its official opening at the Music Box Theater on April 18th. With Hillary Clinton’s influence as a producer, the musical is poised to make a lasting impression on Broadway. As the suffragist movement is brought to life on stage, audiences can expect to be both entertained and enlightened by this inspiring production that champions the voices of women throughout history.


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