Ice Cube Provides Update on Long-Awaited Fourth Installment of Friday Franchise

Ice Cube Provides Update on Long-Awaited Fourth Installment of Friday Franchise

Ice Cube recently shared an update on the long-awaited fourth installment of the Friday franchise, more than 20 years after the last sequel was released. He revealed that they have finally gained some traction with Warner Bros, thanks to the new leadership at the studio. Mike DeLuca, who was previously at New Line Cinema when the first Friday movie was made, is now running Warner Bros. Together with Michael Gruber, they are determined to get the project back on track.

History of the Friday Series

The first Friday movie was released in 1995, with Ice Cube co-writing the script and starring as the lead character, Craig Jones. The film follows Craig and his best friend Smokey as they get into trouble with a local drug dealer in South Central Los Angeles. The success of the first film led to two sequels, Next Friday in 2000, and Friday After Next in 2002.

Despite initial discussions about a fourth installment as far back as 2011, Ice Cube revealed that there have been challenges along the way. He expressed frustration with Warner Bros. for taking so long to move forward with the project, especially considering the passing of key cast members such as John Witherspoon, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Jr., and Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson. The delays in production caused concern for Ice Cube, who felt that the movie needed to be done justice.

Ice Cube emphasized the importance of doing the fourth Friday movie right, rather than rushing through the production process. He is hopeful that with the renewed interest and commitment from Warner Bros., they can finally make progress towards bringing the beloved franchise back to the big screen. The legacy of the Friday series and the support from fans have motivated Ice Cube to ensure that the fourth installment lives up to expectations.

The update provided by Ice Cube on the long-awaited fourth installment of the Friday franchise offers hope for fans who have been eagerly anticipating the return of Craig and Smokey to the big screen. With the support of Warner Bros. and the dedication of the creative team, it seems that the project is finally moving in the right direction. Fans can look forward to seeing their favorite characters back in action, as Ice Cube continues to work towards making the fourth Friday movie a reality.


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