Ivanka Trump’s New Aman Hotel in Albania: A Closer Look

Ivanka Trump’s New Aman Hotel in Albania: A Closer Look

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, are venturing into the luxury hotel industry with the opening of a new Aman hotel in Albania. In a recent interview, Trump revealed their plans to develop a mountainside resort on a 1,400-acre island in the Mediterranean. This ambitious project will be a collaboration with renowned architects and top brands to create a unique and upscale experience for guests.

The Aman brand, known for its ultra-luxe properties, will be operating the hotel in Albania. Vlad Dronin, the mastermind behind Aman, will bring his expertise to the project, ensuring that the resort meets the high standards set by the brand. Additionally, the food and beverage offerings at the hotel will be curated by Carbone, a popular foodie hotspot.

Ivanka Trump emphasized the importance of respecting the natural surroundings when designing the hotel. She mentioned the challenge of balancing modern aesthetics with the existing vegetation and terrain to create a harmonious environment. Trump’s goal is to create a space that offers breathtaking views of the ocean while retaining a sense of uniqueness and character.

Aman has garnered a following among celebrities and high-profile individuals, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and various members of royal families. The brand’s properties, which span across 20 countries, are known for their exclusivity and luxury. With room rates averaging $1,400 per night and villas priced at $50,000, Aman caters to an elite clientele seeking unparalleled experiences.

Despite her previous involvement in the White House and her political ties, Ivanka Trump has chosen to focus on her entrepreneurial pursuits, such as the Aman hotel project. She will support her father, Donald Trump, during his GOP nomination acceptance but will not be engaged in any political capacity. Instead, Ivanka is channeling her energy into real estate ventures and establishing herself as a key player in the luxury hospitality industry.

Ivanka Trump’s collaboration with Aman to develop a new hotel in Albania demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to creating unique and upscale experiences for guests. With Aman’s reputation for luxury and exclusivity, the upcoming resort is poised to become a sought-after destination for discerning travelers looking for a luxurious retreat.


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