Jimmy Kimmel Considering Hosting Oscars After Trump’s Criticism

Jimmy Kimmel Considering Hosting Oscars After Trump’s Criticism

Following comments from former President Donald Trump on Truth Social, Jimmy Kimmel found himself in an unexpected position. Trump criticized Kimmel, calling him the “WORST HOST EVER OF THE ONCE VAUNTED ACADEMY AWARDS!” However, instead of being deterred by Trump’s words, Kimmel jokingly responded by considering hosting the Oscars again next year.

Despite not originally planning to host the Oscars next year, Kimmel revealed that he is now contemplating a return to the hosting role. Having hosted the prestigious event in the past, including the last two years and back-to-back in 2017 and 2018, Kimmel is no stranger to the Oscars stage. He has been approached to host the event in 2025 and is now weighing his options.

Kimmel also took the opportunity to address Trump’s mistaken belief that Kimmel announced the Best Picture award, confusing him with Al Pacino. Turning the situation into a humorous exchange, Kimmel playfully responded to Trump’s error, showcasing his ability to handle criticism with humor and wit.

In addition to responding to Trump, Kimmel also shared his thoughts on Will Smith’s infamous incident at the Oscars, where Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage. Mocking the situation, Kimmel joked about how Smith’s wife and management allegedly begged him not to take such actions, highlighting the absurdity of the situation.

Despite facing criticism and controversy, Jimmy Kimmel has shown his ability to handle such situations with grace and humor. His willingness to consider hosting the Oscars again, even after Trump’s harsh words, showcases his professionalism and dedication to the entertainment industry. As Kimmel navigates the complexities of hosting major events like the Oscars, his humor and quick wit continue to be his strengths in engaging audiences and addressing criticism.


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