John Paulson Engaged to Fitness Influencer Girlfriend Amid Divorce

John Paulson Engaged to Fitness Influencer Girlfriend Amid Divorce

It has been confirmed that billionaire John Paulson, 68, is engaged to his girlfriend, Alina de Almeida, a 35-year-old fitness influencer. This news comes amidst a bitter divorce battle with his ex-wife, Jenny Paulson, whom he was married to for 21 years before ending the marriage in 2021. Despite the ongoing legal disputes with his ex, sources close to the couple have revealed that John and Alina have been together for two and a half years and are now happily engaged.

Bloomberg News was the first to hint at the engagement when referring to Alina de Almeida as Paulson’s “fiancée” in an article discussing his financial support for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. The couple was also listed as hosts of a fundraiser in Palm Beach, Fla., which reportedly raised over $50 million for the GOP candidate. While the word “fiancée” has been used among Paulson and his friends in reference to Alina, there has been no confirmation of an engagement ring as of yet.

Controversy and Discretion

Despite the alleged engagement, John Paulson is trying to keep the news under wraps to avoid further upsetting his ex-wife Jenny. The divorce between the two has been described as acrimonious, with Jenny feeling blindsided by John’s swift actions in filing for divorce and moving on with a new relationship so quickly after their separation. Paulson, who is worth over $4.7 billion, did not have a prenuptial agreement with Jenny, leading to a contentious battle over the division of assets and properties.

The divorce proceedings between John and Jenny Paulson have taken a nasty turn, with allegations of hidden assets and fraudulent transfers coming to light. Jenny has accused John of setting up a “secretive web of trusts” to conceal money from her, while John’s lawyers have dismissed her claims as a “selfish money grab.” In a bid to dismiss the case, John attempted to have the allegations thrown out, further escalating the legal war between the former spouses.

The divorce saga reached a new level when John accused Jenny of hiring a private investigator to dig up information on Alina de Almeida and leaking details to the press. However, documents obtained by Page Six show that Jenny did not retain the services of the investigator named in John’s briefs. In a statement, Jenny’s attorney emphasized her focus on securing her fair share of marital assets under New York law and protecting the well-being of her children above all else.

The engagement of John Paulson to his fitness influencer girlfriend, Alina de Almeida, has sparked controversy and intensified the already bitter divorce battle with his ex-wife, Jenny Paulson. The financial and legal entanglements between the former couple continue to play out in public, shedding light on the complexities of high-profile divorces and the challenges of navigating personal relationships in the spotlight.


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