Kanye West Sued by Former Assistant for Sexual Harassment

Kanye West Sued by Former Assistant for Sexual Harassment

Kanye West’s former assistant, Lauren Pisciotta, has filed a lawsuit against the rapper for sexual harassment and wrongful termination, as reported by Page Six. In the court documents, Pisciotta revealed that she began working with West in July 2021 to assist with the launch of his Yeezy fashion line. She was offered a substantial salary of $1 million, on the condition that she be available to West 24/7 – a demand which she agreed to. However, things took a turn when West allegedly asked Pisciotta to delete her OnlyFans account in 2022 to be more “God Like,” promising to increase her salary to $2 million a year, yet failing to do so.

Following the request to delete her OnlyFans account, West reportedly started sending Pisciotta explicit and disturbing text messages. The messages described his sexual desires in graphic detail, including wanting women to cheat on him. Moreover, Pisciotta claimed that West sent her intimate photos of both current and former Yeezy employees. The lawsuit also detailed incidents where West allegedly masturbated while on the phone with Pisciotta and made inappropriate comments about her personal relationships.

The lawsuit further described instances of West allegedly forcing Pisciotta to remove her clothing while in the office, claiming that she was dressed too modestly. Additionally, Pisciotta claimed that West locked them in a room together and masturbated next to her before falling asleep. Despite these unsettling incidents, Pisciotta was eventually promoted to Chief of Staff for several of West’s companies and offered a significant salary increase to $4 million. However, just a month later, West terminated her employment without providing the promised severance pay of $3 million.

In response to the breach of contract and hostile work environment, Pisciotta has taken legal action against West and is seeking compensation for the mistreatment she endured during her time working for the rapper. West’s representatives have not yet commented on the allegations brought forth by Pisciotta, as reported by Page Six. This legal battle adds to the recent controversy surrounding West, who was previously accused of discriminating against a former black employee at his Christian school, Donda Academy, based on the color of his skin.

The allegations made by Lauren Pisciotta against Kanye West paint a troubling picture of the rapper’s behavior towards his employees. The detailed accounts of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct in the workplace highlight the importance of addressing such issues in any work environment. As the legal proceedings unfold, it is essential for all parties involved to take these allegations seriously and ensure that justice is served.


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