Kanye West’s Wife Denies Accusations of Sending X-Rated Materials to Minors Working on Yeezy Platform

Kanye West’s Wife Denies Accusations of Sending X-Rated Materials to Minors Working on Yeezy Platform

Recent accusations against Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, have caused quite a stir in the media. It has been claimed that she sent X-rated materials to a Yeezy employee that were accessible to minors working on the rapper’s “Yeezy Porn” platform. However, Censori’s former chief of staff, Milo Yiannopoulos, vehemently denied these claims in a statement to Page Six, calling them offensive, disgusting, and categorically false.

Yiannopoulos went further to criticize the individual behind these allegations, dismissing them as a “wannabe” staffer seeking attention through a “repulsive pack of lies.” He emphasized that the alleged actions never took place at Yeezy and labeled the claims as tragic and desperate. This attempt to tarnish Censori’s reputation seems to be based on what Yiannopoulos described as a “thirsty lie.”

Resignation and Allegations

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Yiannopoulos revealed that he resigned from the company in May due to West’s plans to enter the adult entertainment industry with “Yeezy Porn.” He expressed concerns about his well-being and stated that he did not want to be part of such a venture. Despite his departure, a lawsuit obtained by TMZ alleged that Censori had sent a Yeezy employee a link to sexual videos in April, potentially exposing minors working on the app to inappropriate content.

The lawsuit not only implicated Censori but also named West for allegedly not compensating employees adequately. It was claimed that employees, including international developers as young as 14, were not paid $120,000 for their work on the “Yeezy Porn” and YZYVSN apps designed to rival Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, the filing accused the company of creating a hostile work environment, referring to the employees as “new slaves.”

Yiannopoulos defended the company and its practices, stating that efforts were made to ensure fair compensation for the app developers. He refuted claims of minors being exploited or facing a hostile work environment, asserting that the petitioner listed in the lawsuit was never actually employed by the company. In his view, the lawsuit was an attempt to mislead and harm innocent individuals involved with Yeezy.

Overall, the situation surrounding the allegations against Censori and Yeezy raises questions about the credibility of such claims and the motives behind them. It is essential to investigate thoroughly before passing judgment and consider the potential repercussions of false accusations in the public eye. As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how Censori, West, and their associates will address these serious allegations.


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