Legendary Columnist Cindy Adams Finally Receives High School Diploma at 94th Birthday Party

Legendary Columnist Cindy Adams Finally Receives High School Diploma at 94th Birthday Party

Legendary NYC columnist Cindy Adams finally achieved a major milestone at her 94th birthday party by receiving her high school diploma, which was long overdue. The presentation of the diploma was made even more special as it was done by Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Adams, known for her expertise in all things gossip, had previously mentioned that she never graduated from Andrew Jackson High School in Queens due to a ridiculous reason – she couldn’t sew. The school required female students to make their own white lawn graduation dress in home economics class, and Adams simply couldn’t sew. After her mother had to pay a professional to finish the dress for her, the principal refused to let her graduate, stating, “She didn’t make her own dress, she can’t graduate.” This led to Adams not being able to attend college, making her believe that a college education was necessary to succeed in life.

Despite the setback, Adams persisted and outlasted her high school, as Andrew Jackson High School closed down in 1994. Over the years, there were efforts by some of Adams’ influential friends to help her obtain her diploma, but previous officials were unyielding and suggested she take a GED exam instead. Finally, after 78 years, Adams is now officially a high school graduate, receiving her diploma under her maiden name, Cynthia Heller. The ceremony was described as “very classy,” and Gov. Hochul personally congratulated Adams on her achievement.

The celebration of Adams’ 94th birthday and diploma presentation was attended by a number of notable personalities including former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Woody Allen, Al Sharpton, Kellyanne Conway, Bill O’Reilly, and Don Lemon. Adams, ever the charmer, shared some witty remarks about her age and history, mentioning her physical stats and joking about witnessing the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. The event was a gathering of prominent figures from various fields, all coming together to celebrate Adams’ accomplishment.

Among the guests who raised a toast to Adams were soap opera legend Susan Lucci, Rosanna Scotto, Cuomo’s mother Matilda, Larry Kudlow, John Catsimatidis, Scott Stringer, Maureen Dowd, Robert Thomson, and Keith Poole. The evening was filled with laughter, congratulations, and a sense of nostalgia as Adams finally received the recognition she deserved after all these years. Truly a memorable night that could only happen in New York City.


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