Martha Stewart Wins Over Drag Fans: Kris Jenner and Anna Wintour Left Behind

Martha Stewart Wins Over Drag Fans: Kris Jenner and Anna Wintour Left Behind

Drag fans seem to have a clear favorite among the trio of Martha Stewart, Kris Jenner, and Anna Wintour – and that favorite is Martha Stewart. Ryan Raftery, known for his “Titans of Media Trilogy” performances at Joe’s Pub, has observed a noticeable difference in interest in the three women. According to Raftery, Martha Stewart has been the best-selling focus of his trilogy, with sold-out shows and high demand. On the other hand, Kris Jenner has not been as successful in terms of ticket sales compared to the other two. Raftery attributes this phenomenon to the campiness and humor present in Stewart and Wintour’s characters, which seems to attract fans more than Jenner’s persona.

Raftery believes that part of the reason behind Kris Jenner’s lower popularity could be the overexposure of the Kardashian brand. With the family constantly in the spotlight through their reality show and social media presence, fans might be experiencing fatigue when it comes to Jenner’s character. In contrast, the mystique and humor surrounding Martha Stewart and Anna Wintour seem to captivate audiences and drive ticket sales for Raftery’s performances.

Ryan Raftery’s “Titans of Media Trilogy” has garnered a loyal following among celebrity fans such as Bernadette Peters, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Patricia Field. The recent residency at Joe’s Pub has drawn in notable personalities like Sandra Lee, Titus Burgess, and “Traitors” star Peppermint. Even Martha Stewart’s designer friend, Michael Kors, attended one of Raftery’s shows with a group of friends. The backstage meeting between Kors and the performer led to an impromptu photo shoot with renowned photographer Mary Ellen Mathews, known for her work on “Saturday Night Live.”

Ryan Raftery revealed an interesting encounter he had with Martha Stewart herself. Stewart, who attended a conversation series at the 92nd Street Y hosted by Fern Mallis, was introduced to Raftery by Mallis. Despite being advised against attending Raftery’s show, Stewart expressed her sweetness during the meeting with Raftery. It was revealed that several of Stewart’s associates, including her hot gardener, have seen Raftery’s portrayal of her and found it amusing. Raftery even noticed a change in the audience’s reception to his jokes during a performance where a significant portion of the audience was from Sequential Brands, the company that previously owned Stewart’s brands.

Martha Stewart emerges as the clear fan favorite among drag enthusiasts, with her campy and humorous portrayal captivating audiences and leading to sold-out shows for Ryan Raftery. The contrast in popularity between Stewart, Kris Jenner, and Anna Wintour highlights the influence of persona, humor, and brand exposure in the world of drag performances.


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